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3 Reasons Your Business NEEDS Professional Photography

In my ten + years of being a photographer, one thing has become more and more obvious - many small businesses do not know how to leverage images to elevate their brand.

Businesses, like people, grow their following through the KNOW, LIKE & TRUST factors. Do I know you, have I seen you before, are you familiar to me? Do I like you, would I want to hang out with you, do I smile when I think of you? And the biggest of all - do I trust you, what do my friends say about you, do I know you run your business with your heart or are you just out to get my money?

There are a lot of reasons professional photos can make the game-changing difference in your biz, but I've decided to list my top three in hopes they'll convince you to level up.

1. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

So what impression do your images give? If you haven't invested in your photography, chances are it's 1 of 3 things:

Unprofessional - You're just starting out and a selfie is good enough for your bio and LinkedIn.

Impersonal - You're nowhere to be found. It's all about the "we" and no one knows who you are.

Unclear - Your products and services may be life-changing, but people don't want to read a novel to find out how.

2. Your business is personal.

You might feel the quality of your online presence is on point, but you may be missing a very important element. Your visuals are good, your writing beautiful, but I'm a person looking to reach out to another person who I am hoping can help me with a very important, possibly vulnerable, problem. If I don't feel a personal or emotional connection with your brand, I'm out! You and/or your team are the heart, soul, and story behind your brand. People buy from people, so WHERE ARE MY PEOPLE AT?

If you don't tell your story and stand apart, you leave yourself open to being price shopped. It's very easy for people to leave a product or company when they have no personal connection. You curb a market on being.....YOU!

3. The Quality of your Images = The Quality of your Business

It might seem judgmental, heck it is, but the truth is that people make their mind up about you quickly. If you can make it past the "Ten Second Judgement" you're ahead of the game. Using images to show your potential clients how things work is an exercise in clarifying the process. Let them see who you are, what you do, and why you do it!

Three questions to ask yourself about your business photography

1. Do my images communicate my brand?

2. Do they illustrate what it would be like to work with me?

3. Do they evoke an emotional connection?

Most of your leads probably come from personal referrals or "word of mouth". Do you know why this type of referral is still king? Because it's personal! What if you were to create a personal experience for your potential clientele online?

Helping businesses discover this is a passion I've had for a long time. I would either help friends starting a new business or become friends with business owners as we went through the branding process. It is such a rewarding aspect of my photography business! If you are a small biz owner, an entrepreneur, have a small shoppe or a storefront, I've designed branding packages just for you! I'd love to hear what you think.

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