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3 Reasons Your Business NEEDS Professional Photography

In my ten + years of being a photographer one thing has become more and more obvious- many small businesses do not know how to leverage images to elevate their brand.

Businesses, like people, grow their following through the KNOW LIKE & TRUST factors. Do I know you, have I seen you before, are you familiar to me? Do I like you, would I want to hang out with you, do I smile when I think of you? And the biggest of all- do I trust you, what do my friends say about you, do I know you run your business with your heart or are you just out to get my money?

There are a lot of reasons professional photos can make the game-changing difference in your biz, but I've decided to list my top three in hopes they'll convince you to level up.

Heres the thing...

1. You only get one chance to make a first impression. So what impression do your images give? If you haven't invested in your photography chances are it's 1 of 3 things:

  • Unprofessional- You're just starting out and a selfie is good enough for your bio and Linkin.

  • Impersonal -You're no where to be found, it's all about the "we" and no one knows who you are.

  • Unclear- Your products and services may be life-changing, only people don't want to read a novel to find out how.