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Bienemann Family

I remember fantasizing about having twins. Wouldn't it be fun? To dress them up, show them off, and take adorable photos? Wouldn't it be wonderful for them to have one another throughout life? And then I had one... and he took ALL Josh and I had to give: feeding, changing, waking up in the middle of the night. The realization of what it would have been like to have twins hit home.

I really have to hand it to Christie & Troy or to any parents who jump straight into double duty. They are both so patient and obviously head over hills in love with 18 month old Braxton & Brylie. Braxton was my buddy right away with his sweet smiles and charm. Brylie took her time to feel me out as most curious and cautious lil' ones do. We ran around these beautiful San Mateo hills laughing, chasing, slapping high fives, and catching some sweet snuggles. I hope you feast your eyes below on this ridiculously good looking family!

Also during my time editing these images I remembered a conversation with a mom of twins that forever changed the way I speak to their parents. I will share at the end of this. Enjoy and hope you had a Happy Halloween!