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I remember fantasizing about having twins. Wouldn't it be fun? To dress them up, show them off, and take adorable photos? Wouldn't it be wonderful for them to have one another throughout life? And then I had one... and he took ALL Josh and I had to give: feeding, changing, waking up in the middle of the night. The realization of what it would have been like to have twins hit home.

I really have to hand it to Christie & Troy or to any parents who jump straight into double duty. They are both so patient and obviously head over hills in love with 18 month old Braxton & Brylie. Braxton was my buddy right away with his sweet smiles and charm. Brylie took her time to feel me out as most curious and cautious lil' ones do. We ran around these beautiful San Mateo hills laughing, chasing, slapping high fives, and catching some sweet snuggles. I hope you feast your eyes below on this ridiculously good looking family!

Also during my time editing these images I remembered a conversation with a mom of twins that forever changed the way I speak to their parents. I will share at the end of this. Enjoy and hope you had a Happy Halloween!

About a year ago I was going through security to catch my plane home from Chicago. A young mom named Bri asked me if I would hold one of her twin babies as we went through the checkpoint. "Sure" I said. I later realized we were on the same flight home and told her I could help if she'd like. "Yes" she remarked without hesitation. Bri had 26 pound 6month old twins, a boy and girl, and nothing was slowing this mama down. As we entertained and rocked the babies to sleep on our 4 hour flight, Bri shared that her fiancee was a professional athlete and she had moved away from home to be with him and go to school. Right after she had the babies he was gone to play baseball and she had no help for the next 3-4 months. She doesn't remember a lot about that time. As most people going through a crazy season will tell you- you just get through it and survive. But what she told me next shocked me. She mentioned something about all of the derogatory comments she would receive in regards to twins. "What, derogatory?" I asked, what could she mean? "Oh yes, people make remarks to me all the time about how they could never handle having twins, how I look like a hot mess, and how they would kill themselves if they were me..." she went on with a few more. I couldn't believe it... and then of course I could... I remember all of the outrageous comments WOMEN would give me when I was pregnant. One woman told me that I looked like Kate, from the TV show "Jon and Kate plus 8" when she was pregnant. Just about 1 million people asked me if I was SURE I wasn't having twins. I had a women in church yell down the hall "Sarah, why are you still here, you are HUGE"! I can honestly tell you I wasn't offended, but I was appalled at the way my fellow females talked to each other!!! From then on I chose to remark back to anyone who wanted to comment on my large appearance for the sake of pregnant women everywhere. I really didn't mean to go on this tangent right now, but friends, let's watch what we say. It's ok to say that twins must be a lot of work or acknowledge what trimester a woman is in, but please say something kind and encouraging. Lord knows it can all be difficult, but it is so much more about it being beautiful and oh so rewarding.

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