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Choban Family

Happy 1st birthday to sweet Brynlie! This house is now a home. Ever since I photographed Jenna and Brent's wedding a lot has happened for these sweet humans. Brent kept traveling for his baseball career, little Brynlie was born, Kasen turned 4, and they bought a home a few months ago! Finally, Brent is home for good, our schedules all aligned and- Voila! A photoshoot at home.

This was one of those shoots where we laughed almost the entire way through. The kids were so silly and playful with each other, we could hardly get everyone in one place at one time, it was high energy the entire way through and I didn't want to leave at the end. Choban family: I seriously adore you guys, please love these wild times and hold them close to your hearts, I hope these images help you to do just that.

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