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Hatcher Fam

I've been traveling to Chicago about 2-3 times a year to do photoshoots thanks to a good friend and all of her good friends! These good friends were the absolute best kind. The Hatcher Fam, party of 6, met me at The Nature Walk near the Chicago Zoo so that we could capture some city shots while enjoying the trees. Their loving and laid back interactions actually got me choked up while editing. David & Dulce have a magnetic kind of relationship. They are soft and sweet to one another and the kiddos follow suit. Natan(9), Mateus(7), Téo(3) and Lua(2). These curly headed beauties were not shy and I don't think our time together could have unfolded any more naturally. Family connection and engagement is what I am after as a photographer, and Hatcher family-you do this effortlessly, thank you for allowing me to capture it. Enjoy!

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