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Chea Family

Moving to Arizona and knowing absolutely NO ONE here was a bit daunting. But a short six months after we moved, we were joined by some really fantastic friends who are much more like family. Stacey and Chanthan came into our lives when they were just engaged. I had the privilege of photographing their wedding along with some other very important moments like that cute little boy in their arms. They were also a huge support to us through a very difficult transition coming out of ministry. We now enjoy being a parental support to one another. Stacey is working at CCV Avondale, while the kids and I adore our time with Joseph. When people ask me if I am Joe's babysitter, I say "we parent swap". My travel in this past year was pretty wild. I had 3 trips to Chicago, 4 to Southern CA, and over 10 to the Bay. Stacey & Chan have enable me to do that when Josh was busy at work. We now get to welcome baby Violet at the end of February, and I don't know who is more excited... the Chea's or my kids!!! I really love you guys and am so blessed to have you in our lives.

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