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Hornburg Fam

This is such a special Arizona shoot for me! Not only is it local, which is a big win transitioning out to this area, but it was my sweet friend from high school Haillie!!! Haillie's younger sister Marni and I were in the same grade (Hi Marni if you're reading!), and in high school Haillie was a senior on the swim team with me. Haillie really took me under her wing and made me feel special. She was cool, down to earth, fun, and wanted to hang out with a silly freshman like me (silly is a major understatement). It was absolutely awesome to connect with her on Facebook and receive a message that she wanted to set up a shoot. We met at Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort, their favorite "staycation" spot. I got to meet her husband Joel, oldest son Andy, Matt, and the beautiful Grace. Who are all completely awesome in their own right. I really could go on for days about what a great experience this was and how full of gratitude I am to get to do what I love, but I'll let the images do that. Thank you, thank you Hornburg Family!