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Nelson & Ayala Fam

Sisters, cousins, and a whole lot a crazy! My kind of crazy. These cousins couldn't get enough of each other. They were so fun and gigly and enjoyed posing for the camera that they made my job easy. This is my 3rd time photographing the Nelson family and 1st for the Ayala. Illinois has so many beautiful wooded preserves that makes it easy to feel inspired and let the kids run and play.

This session really made me think of my dad. He is the reason I am a photographer and is a part of the way I see things. With two older sisters and different hair textures, my dad loved to photograph our hair in the light. Something I now love to do, and with so many gorgeous little girls to play with he was close to my heart.

Thank you to both families for such a fun and easy evening playing in nature! I adore these little ones, they were fantastic!

I'm hoping to be back to IL in the spring, get in touch if your interested in booking!

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