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The Shasky Fam

My husband, Josh, practically grew up with the Shasky fam. They are one of those families that are deeply rooted in relationships. They are also ridiculously fun people. They have the most up beat and fun energy that would lift the spirits in any room. I remember when Josh and I announced our engagement, the excitement and joy I felt from them was so genuine. I also remember them not hesitating a minute to come to Southern CA for the big day. And I distinctly remember hearing about the awesome after party that occurred after our wedding that we missed out on! Needless to say, I just love them. Matt, Rae, Matthew, and Madison, all of them, down right awesome people.

Matthew has always been a sweetheart! One of those kids that is polite and helpful and silly, and that hasn’t changed much now that he is a MAN! A man, so weird! He is studying to be a EMT and then firefighter and he will do well at anything he sets his great big heart to.

I taught Madison to swim when she was 5, now a gorgeous 15 year old enjoying her gymnastics life, I couldn’t be prouder of the beautiful woman she is becoming.

I love these Shasky's! It was so good to see you all, can't wait until the next time. Come visit us for Spring training!