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The Cristobal Family

These are beautiful people. Not only because they are good looking, but because they are real, transparent, and full of love. I have been the recipient of that love for a long time now. I first met Trish when Mateo, their youngest, was in her belly. Win and I worked together, and we all (Josh included) served together in ministry. A lot has transpired over the years, we have all grown and changed throughout that time, but some things about these folks right here have not changed. They are honest, they love unconditionally, and they are friends.

Josh and I have been so grateful for the candor with which Win and Trish live their lives. The struggles of raising four boys are no joke. Win and Trish have never claimed to be experts and have been so forthcoming about the highs and lows. I really can't express how much it has meant to me to have them and our conversations in my life throughout the years.

Drake is the oldest at 22, Justis is about to turn 18, Logan is 16, and Mateo is 14. We did this shoot for a few reasons; one because they needed an updated family photo, and two because Justis graduated from High School!

I LOVED a photo that Trish posted on Facebook of the fam striking a yoga pose. That led to the re-making of it (the first photo of this post) and the fun one below. Win and Trish are both embarking on new career paths. Trish as a yoga instructor at Yoga Belly and Win is a project manager for Twitter.

Love you Cristobal's! It's not all the stuff we have in our lives that matter most, it's the people and the relationships that are sustained throughout the good times and the bad that make you realize how oh so blessed we are. xoxo

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