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Karisa & Justin

Karisa was one of the first people I met after moving to Phoenix. She is the children's ministry leader at the CCV Avondale campus. That's a church for those who may not know. Karisa is kind, funny, and I am completely jealous of her endless energy! Karisa met Justin at CCV as well. He is a part of the leadership program that led Karisa to Phoenix (from Chicago). Justin is awesome. He is quick witted, smart, and most importantly, adores Karisa. The pair worked side by side, together day after day and fell for each other fast. With similar values and vision for their lives and work, I know they will make a phenomenal team!

These two are ridiculously silly! At first I couldn't tell who was the bigger goof ball, but then it was clear. And although these images might show otherwise, Karisa won. However, Justin is a close second. The photo on the left was actually the first I took the day of the shoot!

We explored the downtown Phoenix area for MY FIRST TIME! Don't ask what that hanging net thing is... I simply don't know, but it looks cool!