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Farid Fam Maternity

This little fam bam is out of this world adorable. I really don’t even have room to list the things I love about them. Brian & Jena met and fell in love fast and hard. They got married and soon baby Mila was on the way. Needless to say, she’s rocked their world… in more ways than one. And now… baby girl #2 is enroute to rock it even harder! No, no, no, just kidding she will be an angle that sleeps PERFECTLY through the night! Myka is her name, and if she’s anywhere close to being as dynamic as these 3 then world-watch out!

When I met Jena I knew we were kindred spirits. I said something like “you’re going to be my new best friend” and she in turn calls us “some kind of soulmates”. We blab on and on like crazy the moment we get together because we know however much time we have, it will be too short, and end too soon. And what about that hair??? Not only is she simply gorgeous, but she looks like she stepped out of a salon every time I see her. Every time. Not cool.

Jena is a marriage and family therapist and Brian is a firefighter. Not only are they well accomplished, but they are ridiculously FUN people!!! I often jokingly tell them they are way too much fun with Mila and need to get boring fast because her bar for “fun-ness” is set way too high. Brian is such a good guy, he adores Jena and Mila and he is the kind of person who makes sure everyone is well taken care of and safe. He is also really good with a gun, which makes him an excellent father of girls!

Brian, Jena, Mila, and Myka- I heart you all! Can’t wait to meet the new addition! Congratulations on your new home and expanding hearts, you guys are the best!