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Starr & Luna

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Starr and her daughter Luna came into our lives a little over a year ago, but that seems like an eternity when I think of the kind of relationship we’ve built. Throughout the pregnancy and birth of her daughter, Starr found her life circumstances immeasurably strained. Falling into a severe bout of postpartum depression as well as not having foundational relationships to rely on, Starr and Luna found themselves without a home. We met Starr when Luna was just over a year old. We were able to invite her to live with us for a few months while she gained the support of programs such as Homeless Prenatal(click to read more about Starr’s story) in San Francisco, Parent Voices in Oakland, and other amazing organizations. What we thought we were doing was being generous to someone(s) in time of need, but as you might know, the blessings in return are ten fold.

Luna doesn’t find her way into your heart, she leaps into it! To say that she is dynamic or incredible or amazing is severely understated. This little girl is full of love and compassion. She is smart and fiery. She is simply beautiful, a masterpiece. She doesn’t let you leave without a hug. She doesn’t let you say goodnight without a kiss, and in the morning she must greet everyone in the house, usually starting with Josh.

So you may get the irony of the photo above right off the bat, but in case you don’t…it’s their names…Starr and Luna (moon), and it’s what made me think of this location in the first place! Starr said that she didn’t even realize the correlation between their names when she thought of it. It was just something she loved.

We re-created this photo of Starr’s grandmother holding her when she was close to the same age as Luna. We drove around until we found the same trees! Resemblance much???

We, as a family, were not only glad we could help in supporting Starr get on her feet, but we were so incredibly blessed by each of them. They both brought a tremendous amount of love into our home. I took care of Starr when she was sick and she took care of me when I was sick. She blessed me as much, if not more, than I blessed her. Well, that’s my opinion anyway. This mother-daughter photoshoot turned out to be a very significant day. Starr is now in her own home, with a good job, and Luna receiving excellent childcare. There are still many challenges she faces daily and I’m saddened deeply that we have such a distance between us. But family we will forever be.