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Van Turns 2

I have been taking little Van’s pictures since he was born and this beautiful blue eyed babe has always been pure sweetness. I must say that this was by far my most favorite shoot with him and his parents Natalie and Van!

My trip last week back to the Bay was forecasted to have terrible rain storms. Which is not cool because I can’t simply re-schedule for better weather. I have my plane ticket in hand and I’m ready to rock the shoot. Natalie simply messaged me and said, “I’m bringing his rain boots and coat and we’ll take some fun pics in the rain!” Thank you Natalie for that make-it-work attitude because this is what happens…

Van’s name is special to me because it’s my name too! Well, middle name that is. My maiden name is Van Bibber and people would call my grandfather Van. When I got married I decided to keep the name Van as my middle name. Little Van is the 6th in his family! I think that is completely awesome and so special! And of course, he rocks Van’s shoes…

Thanks again Natalie & Van & Van for making it work and having a ton of fun. I can hear his laughter throughout this shoot when I look at these images!

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