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The Cook Family

Teachers are a gift from God! I’ve always been so blessed to have the best teachers for my kids and this year is no exception. With our big move out to Arizona we didn’t know yet which school our kids would be in. I applied from outside the district to Litchfield Elementary because it had such good rankings and reputation and to my amazement all three kids were approved! Rowan’s teacher is Mrs. Cook, aka Meiling. Her husband, Adam, happens to also be a teacher at the school and her boys, JT and Tristan, attend the school as well! It’s a family affair! I had a ton of fun roaming the desert with this amazing family. And found many rocks and sticks to entertain the imaginations of these silly wiggly boys.

Thank you Meiling and Adam for being awesome teachers and fun loving parents! Thank you JT and Tristan for finding me so many rocks, I was emptying my pockets for quite awhile 😉