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Needing Some Inspiration

Yesterday I felt low… life has been so stressful lately. I made dinner and helped the kids finish making their Valentines boxes when Liberty said, “Mommy, can we please go on a hike and watch the sunset?” Glancing at the clock I knew I only had a little over an hour before the sun would go down. I have been mentioning to the kids how badly I want to find a great place to go to watch these gorgeous sunsets and snap a few pics. “Can we make it a photoshoot?” I said. “HECK YES!” she replied. I grabbed some of her clothes and even ran to Target to get this gorgeous boho dress I had been eyeing (the excuses we make). We drove west into the unknown. All of a sudden I felt so happy. Ah inspiration. It is so crucial.

This little girl rocks my world. She really-really does. My heart hurts when I look at her and I wonder how and why I got to be her mom.

We only had about 20min of light, but this girl needs no direction or help with posing… her personality cannot be contained.

I needed that. I needed to find inspiration in a day that lacked. With the help of my beautiful little girl and a stunning sunset, we turned a not so great day into a brilliant one.